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Welcome to Updog Gallery and thank you for being part of my art community. I established Updog Gallery as a virtual home for my paintings, sketches, and commentary on artists and images that inspire me.

My family has always had a creative side. My grandfather was an accomplished oil painter, and both my mother and brother are talented artists who enjoy painting and sketching. I have enjoyed having a visual (and musical) creative outlet since I was a kid. My parents have a long historical record of my drawings, sketches, and paintings from elementary school on up, and I have sketch books and journals from many periods of my life, especially those years when I traveled a lot and lived abroad.

In 2013, I received a watercolor set as a birthday gift, and I have been painting regularly since then. I haven’t had any “formal” instruction, though I have taken a few adult ed classes in watercolors, figure drawing, portraiture, and urban sketching over the years. Today, I work primarily in watercolor and am drawn to lush local landscapes unblemished by modernity, dogs of all shapes and sizes, and “life drawing”–basically, people going about their everyday lives.

Much to my surprise, I have found people saying the nicest things about my paintings (many of which I think are horrible–a commonplace insecurity among painters). Nothing feels better than witnessing someone looking at a painting of mine in real life (not on a computer screen or tiny phone screen!) and forging an emotional connection. I can see the feelings play out in the eyes, as the subject and colors “speak” to the viewer. These are the moments I paint for.

I hope you will join me in using this space to share your what you enjoy and appreciate in the art world and what you are grateful for.

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